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South Sudan Council Of Churches’ Message: I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matthew 25:35)

We the Heads of the Member Churches of the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) having visited our people who have been refugees in Uganda from the horrific violence in our own country held and meeting in Kampala on 8-9th of June 2017. We have been deeply saddened by listening to their experiences but at the same time we wish to express our gratitude to the President, the churches and the people of Uganda for once again welcoming their South Sudanese neighbors, sisters and brothers in the hour of need. In the world where migrants are becoming increasingly unwelcome almost everywhere, and with the number of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda now over 1 million, Uganda shines out as a beacon of hope and of gospel values: I was a stranger and you welcomed me Matthew 25: 35

We have been reflecting ever since the current senseless civil war began in South Sudan in December 2013. From the very beginning we have urged that the killing, raping and looting must stop, we recognize that they are legitimate differences between various parties, factions and communities, but we insist that these be addressed through nonviolent means and that the rule of war be respected. Click here to read the full message

Photo Credit: Paul Banks/ Credit: UN Mission in South Sudan/ South Kordofan