Serving God's People in Africa since 1868

Thanksgiving Mass for 150 Years at the Service of God’s People in Africa


In our ministry, we meet people of different faiths (African Traditional religion, Christianity and Islam). These encounters take different forms [1]: Dialogue of life; dialogue of social action, dialogue of theological reflection, dialogue of spiritual exchange. Whatever the form might be, these encounters with people in the different pastoral circumstances open our eyes to their needs and challenge us to search together with them, how to make the Good News really Good news for them in their situation. In our approach, we have learnt that it is not always helpful to take the lead. Charitable works have their place (Mt 25) in times of disasters but the work of raising the awareness, is what we believe will, at the end of the day, bear fruit. It is good to provide food for the displaced of tribal conflicts as we do in many places, but the lasting work of reconciliation and examining the causes of the conflict can be done through the way in which we carry out our ministry. As ordained ministers, we often have easy access to people at different occasions and especially in and through the celebration of the sacraments, visits, social work, etc. Such occasions can be used to bring across a different message, namely that we are meant to live together and to share the goods of this earth in an equitable manner. Read more