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Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abiy’s Green Legacy for the common good

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia challenged Ethiopians to grow millions of trees in a few hours. This is part of his campaign called “Green Legacy”. Within the first six hours, they planted 150 million trees. After twelve hours, the minister of innovation and technology tweeted that Ethiopians ended up planting over 353 million trees. They want to grow four billion trees over this rainy season for many reasons. Reporting for CNN, Sharif Paget and Helen Regan wrote that “In 2017, Ethiopia joined more than 20 other African nations in pledging to restore 100 million hectares of land as part of the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative. A recent study estimated that restoring the world’s lost forests could remove two thirds of all the planet-warming carbon that is in the atmosphere because of human activity. ” Click here for more