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Kenya: Safi Sarvi Organic Fertilizer

Samuel Rigu is the innovative founder and CEO of Safi Organics. Safi Sarvi organic fertilizer is an affordable product that helps rural farmers generate wealth in the agriculture industry and to compete in emerging economies. Rigu explains that, “we convert organic waste from farmers into fertilizer. Then we purchase the rice husk and carbonize it.” In light of the declining agriculture production, Rigu says that his business increases the yields of farmers by “up to 30%”. Equally impressive, the product is known to be applicable for a variety of agriculture and horticulture practices such as maize, rice, wheat, beans, peas, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and grasses.

Fredrick Mudhike, a rice farmer from Mwea County, who has been using the product affirmed that, “one of the benefits of using Safi Organics is that I always have enough food in the house for my family.”

In addition to its economic incentives, Safi organic products benefit the environment by its obvious organic waste recycling mechanisms, restoring soil, promoting beneficial microbial life and improving nutrient and moisture retention in the soil. Safi’s conversion process also curbs the particulate emissions from traditional open-field crop residue burning by more than 95%. READ MORE