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Promoting Literacy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Literacy has always been and will continue to be part of ministry of missionaries of Africa in particular and the Catholic Church in general. In 2018, Kanyabusoro Primary School, a catholic school in one the remote village in the diocese of Goma received a grant from our development fund to equip their newly built classrooms with desks.  As a result, students have enough desks to sit on.

This is not the case across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This year,desks and classrooms are very much needed to accommodate a huge influx of students due to new government literacy policy. In fact, the DRC’s 2005 constitution stipulates in its articles 43 and 44 that primary education is mandatory and free in public schools. Since taking power in January 2019, President Felix Tshisekedi made it a policy priority to implement this constitutional provision.  As a result, schools have seen an enrollment increase this school year and it is expected to continue at least during the current administration. Some schools have classrooms, particularly in first grade, of up to 60 students.

Kanyabusoro Primary School, started in 1958 used to be a two classrooms outstation of the Nkokwe primary school. Recently, after adding four more classrooms, it became independent.