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Ghanian Shoemaker Invention to Help Stop COVID-19 Spread

Since the global spread of Cornavirus (COVID-19), the search for possible solutions has been a concern of many and has triggered the curiosity and ingenuity of bright minds worldwide and Africa in particular. This is the story of Richard Kwarteng and his brother Jude Osei. In fact, once the scientific community determined that the spread of COVID-19 could be managed in part by washing hands properly and regularly, Richard Kwarteng who is 32-year old and who works as a shoemaker and his brother Jude Osei decided to make an automatic solar powered water and soap dispenser. 

Less than 48 hours before the two weeks mandatory lockdown ordered by the Ghanaian  government started on March 30, the two brothers gathered supplies to build their device to help with sanitation in the fight against Covid-19. With the help of a friend who works as an electrician, the invention was completed in just five days.

A video posted on social media of  Richard Kwarteng demonstrating how the new invention works went viral and caught the attention of the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation who called them to discuss how to mass produce the water and soap dispenser to put them at the disposal of the Ghanaian population.

Obviously this story helps answer one of the most debated questions: why is Africa technologically less advanced? The answer is simple. If proper conditions are provided, Africa has the human resource ready to participate in solving some of humanity’s problems. 

As of July 30, Ghana has reported 35,142 cases of Covid-19 with 175 deaths and 31,286 discharged from hospital. 

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