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COVID-19 Response: Senegalese and Keyan Innovations

To stop the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic is everyone’s responsibility. Some of us have taken this responsibility to a much higher level. This is the story of Mr. Mamadou Lanune Kebe, Mr. Pape mamadou Gueye and team from Senegal and Stephen Wamukota from Kenya. 

Doctor Car
Students from the Polytechnic School of Dakar in Senegal built a robot they named “Doctor Car” with many functions  to help minimize caregivers’ contact with patients infected with Coronavirus who are quarantined, especially that there is a very limited access to personal protective equipment.  Mr. Mamadou Lanune Kebe  and Mr. Pape mamadou Gueye, respectively studying Engineering in Telecoms and Mechanical and Design Engineering, explained that it took only one month to build the robot. This medical robot is able to take a patient’s temperature, deliver drugs and food, and much more. It is also multilingual and speaks Wolof, Pulaar, French and English. From a far distance, the robot is controlled via an application and is equipped with cameras. 

Coronavirus Free Zone
Coronavirus Free Zone are words written on a mechanical wooden machine built by 9 years old Kenyan, Stephen Wamukota  in response to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. The ideas came to him after hearing President Uhuru Kenyata explain how the virus spreads by shaking hands or touching contaminated surfaces. In an interview with CNN, Stephen explained that while watching Television he saw how cars are built, he then told his father they could build something similar to cars but for washing hands. It took three days to build the now famous mechanic hand free water and soap dispenser with two pedals for each. Word of his invasion riched the presidency and Stepen the youngest of 68 people who received the Presidential Uzalendo Award on June 1st. This award is “ is aimed at recognizing Kenyans who have exhibited exemplary service, sacrifice, patriotism, heroism and high sense of civic duty in helping steer the country through the pandemic” said  President Uhuru Kenyatta. The young Stephen Wamukota is a primary school student from Bungoma County in western Kenya. The County’s governor , Mr. Wycliffe Wangamati, promised him a scholarship to complete his primary and secondary education.