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Young Climate Change Activist Hilda Nakabuye on the Care for our Common Home

The care for your planet is the responsibility of everyone. Some have taken leading roles to ensure we pass on to the next generation a better planet. Hilda Nakabuye, 22-year-old student activist from Kampala, despite her youth, has accomplished so much in this area..

Hilda advocacy, activism and actions are informed by her personal experience. She witnessed drought destroy her family’s farm as a child. This experience, combined with her introduction to Greta Thunberg’s movement, inspired her to take action in Kampala. She began her climate activism by standing in front of her University with a paper sign demanding action on climate change. This act of courage excited and motivated her classmates, who began joining her street protest. Hilda’s activism eventually led to a large climate strike in Kampala, in which thousands of students marched through Kampala to demand change. She is the founder of ‘Fridays for the Future: Uganda Chapter’, which has an impressive 25,000 members and growing. She also inspired ‘Green Thursdays’, which is a large tree planting movement

            Hilda’s drive is relentless, and she is determined to end pollution in Uganda. Hilda, and her organization, have petitioned Uganda’s Government to join the Paris climate accords, ban plastic bags, and implement policies to reduce carbon emissions. These demands may fall on deaf ears for now, but her movement has a massive youth following which will someday guide the nation’s policies. Hilda’s ‘Fridays for the Future’ has already spread to Gabon, Nigeria, Togo, Angola, and Niger. Hilda is an inspiration for thousands across the globe and reminds us all that passionate young people can and will change the world for the better. Read more