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Corruption No More: Pressured, Fossang’s Catholic Health Care Center Staff all Resign

Corruption grips African societies, economies, and politics. No matter how small, it must not be minimized and must be forcefully confronted, if prosperity is ever to be secured. Countless meetings and endless reports have said little about those taking action against corruption.

Caring for the poor and vulnerable in South Africa

South African healthcare program, Cookhouse Wind Farm has started a program called “Home-Based Care and Home Management ”. This program allows high risk patients and others who find it difficult to commute to a hospital to be provided with bedside

Turning Trash Into Cash!

“Lets turn trash into cash!” -Nzambi Matee. A kenyan woman named Nzambi Matee is bringing positive change to Kenyan infrastructure by turning plastic waste into building products with her startup Gjenge Makers. Ms.Matee has expressed that she started the startup

Malawian Man Brings Electricity to His Village

This is the story of Colrerd Nkosi, a young man from Malawi who single handedly brought electricity to his village for the first time, basically free-of-charge for the residents. Yobe Nkosi is a remote village located in northern Malawi where

Marburg Virus Case in Guinea: Health Workers Praised

Guinea’s health workers skillfully identified and addressed a case of Marburg virus disease in Temessadou M’Boket, Guinea. The health workers quick detection of this disease was essential to preventing a potential outbreak of this deadly virus on top of already

Gabon Gains International Notoriety for its Commitment to Rainforest Protection

The Central African nation of Gabon has received $17 million for meeting established goals for forest conservation. The payment comes from an agreement with the Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI), which is a partnership between African and European nations to

AFJN Call to Action During World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJuly 30, 2021 Washington DC – Today, on this World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, the world acknowledges the millions of people who are being trafficked around the globe. According to the United Nations’ “Global Report on Trafficking

Cameroonian’s Films Now Available on Netflix

Cameroonians are celebrating this month as two domestically produced films will appear on the international streaming giant Netflix. These new additions, titled, ‘A Man for the Weekend’, and ‘Broken’ will accompany two existing Cameroonian titles recently released on the streaming

World Day Against Child Labor – 12 June

in Africa
“Among regions, Africa has the highest number of child labourers and the highest percentage of its children in child labour” according to the ILO’s infographic on the United Nation’s (UN) website.
“Almost half of child labour happens in Africa (72 million children) […] 70% of children in child labour work in agriculture, mainly in subsistence and commercial farming and herding livestock” according to the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour website.

Democratic governance in Africa and climate change

“Democratic Governance in Africa will Improve the Health of Our Planet”

Africa is paying the heaviest price in the global climate crisis though historically it has not been a major contributor to greenhouse emissions. Ever since climate change has been scientifically linked to human activities, the call to reverse the trend can no longer be ignored. This workshop will explore how the application of democratic governance and participation in democratic processes is crucial for Africa’s meaningful contribution to the global effort of saving our common home.”