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Turning Trash Into Cash!

“Lets turn trash into cash!” -Nzambi Matee. A kenyan woman named Nzambi Matee is bringing positive change to Kenyan infrastructure by turning plastic waste into building products with her startup Gjenge Makers. Ms.Matee has expressed that she started the startup

Malawian Man Brings Electricity to His Village

This is the story of Colrerd Nkosi, a young man from Malawi who single handedly brought electricity to his village for the first time, basically free-of-charge for the residents. Yobe Nkosi is a remote village located in northern Malawi where

Marburg Virus Case in Guinea: Health Workers Praised

Guinea’s health workers skillfully identified and addressed a case of Marburg virus disease in Temessadou M’Boket, Guinea. The health workers quick detection of this disease was essential to preventing a potential outbreak of this deadly virus on top of already

Gabon Gains International Notoriety for its Commitment to Rainforest Protection

The Central African nation of Gabon has received $17 million for meeting established goals for forest conservation. The payment comes from an agreement with the Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI), which is a partnership between African and European nations to

Cameroonian’s Films Now Available on Netflix

Cameroonians are celebrating this month as two domestically produced films will appear on the international streaming giant Netflix. These new additions, titled, ‘A Man for the Weekend’, and ‘Broken’ will accompany two existing Cameroonian titles recently released on the streaming

Young Climate Change Activist Hilda Nakabuye on the Care for our Common Home

The care for your planet is the responsibility of everyone. Some have taken leading roles to ensure we pass on to the next generation a better planet. Hilda Nakabuye, 22-year-old student activist from Kampala, despite her youth, has accomplished so

The Story of Hauwa Ojeifo: From Tragedy to Change Maker

At the age of 29, Hauwa Ojeifo has become the voice and face of mental health in Nigeria. She received a Queen’s Young Leader Award in 2018 and was awarded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Changemaker Award for 2020.

The International Children’s Peace Prize Winner: Divina Maloum

Divina Maloum is a young Cameroonian peace and social justice advocate. She is one of the winners of the fifteenth International Children’s Peace Prize in 2019 for her efforts in promoting peace by focus on Camerounian youth who are being

Another Tool to save lives and Reduce Economic Hardship Caused by Covid-19

The threat of Coronavirus continues to be underestimated by many Africans in part because the loss of lives initially predicted since March 2020 did not happen. The truth is that questioning the existence of the virus does not make it

Chika Ofili Recognized Mathematician at Age 12

Chika Ofili, son of Ogochukwu Ofili (father) and Nma Ofili (mother) from Nigeria but residing in the United Kingdom is the 2019 recipient of the prestigious TruLittle Hero Award in the leadership category. He was awarded for coming up with