Serving God's People in Africa since 1868

Become a Missionary

How to Become a Priest or Brother

The Missionaries of Africa are a Roman Catholic religious community of men serving in 23 countries on the continent of Africa. A missionary commitment calls for a desire to serve and a strong spirit of solidarity and fraternity. Above all, it demands clear-sightedness and courage. Joining in the mission of the Missionaries of Africa is not a career choice but a calling from God that matures over time and requires serious formation.

Click Here to contact the Missionaries of Africa for information about joining the religious community of the Missionaries of Africa.


How to Become a Lay Missionary

The Missionaries of Africa do not have a program of temporary assignments for lay men and women. If you are a layperson interested in pursuing short-term missionary assignments, please consider one of the following organizations:

Lay Mission Helpers Association

Maryknoll Lay Missioners

Volunteer Missionary Movement