Serving God's People in Africa
since 1868

The Missionaries of Africa are an international Roman Catholic Missionary Society of priests and brothers devoted to witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Africa and among Africans, wherever they may be.

Working with local churches, we offer Christ’s message of peace, hope and reconciliation that ends division, and love that brings an end to hatred. Once these seeds of faith are planted, we move on to other fields where the Gospel message has not yet been heard.


How We Help: Education

Education is the biggest factor in changing the economic realities for a developing country. Without educated people, no country or community can achieve or sustain economic development. Education develops people’s understanding of themselves and the world around them. It improves the quality of their lives and provides wide-ranging social benefits to individuals, families, and society.


Where We Serve

The Missionaries of Africa were founded 150 years ago for the Evangelization of Africa. They continue today to remain faithful to their call to share the life and mission of Jesus, and to give witness to the Gospel in Africa and among Africans wherever they may be.

In Mali, where Christians are a minority, the Missionaries of Africa have been serving since 1894. Now, they're seeking support to provide clean water and hope to the community of Kadiolo. With a proposed cistern water system, they aim to combat water-related diseases and enhance agricultural opportunities, fostering better health and sustainability for the entire community. Your donation can make a significant difference in their mission to maintain a Catholic presence and improve lives in Mali.

Mission community in Kadiolo, Mali
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June 2024

How the Missionaries of Africa prepare for this global ministry.


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To preach… to teach… to heal… to build.

That is what we have been doing since 1868, and with your help today, we are able to keep doing this; spreading the message of hope to our brothers and sisters in Africa who are the poorest of the poor. The Missionaries of Africa in the U.S. has been blest to have many regular contributors. For all those who have been supporters and for new supporters, we were wondering – actually praying, that you will join in our Friends of Hope Monthly Giving Plan.