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The Missionaries of Africa have a number of training centers for future priests and brothers in Africa, South America and Asia. In other areas, a period of initial training and follow-up may take place in one’s own country, where applicants (perhaps aged 21-30 years) are invited to “come and see” and experience for the first time what community life is all about.

A first step is devoted to philosophical studies to help the candidates develop their critical thinking on life issues

A second step in training is the Spiritual Year (Novitiate) which takes place in Africa and lasts for one year. This is done either in English or French.

A third step is the period of Apostolic Experience which lasts for two years, and takes place in an international community in Africa.

A fourth step is a serious theological preparation in Africa for the candidates’ future ministry, which concludes with the taking of the Missionary Oath, and for the future priests - ordination to the Diaconate and Priesthood. (Usually in one’s own country).