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Our Story


The Missionaries of Africa are an international Roman Catholic Missionary Society of priests and brothers devoted to witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Africa and among Africans, wherever they may be.


The Order

The Missionaries of Africa were founded 150 years ago for the Evangelization of Africa. They continue today to remain faithful to their call to share the life and mission of Jesus, and to give witness to the Gospel in Africa and among Africans wherever they may be.



The Society of Missionaries of Africa was founded in 1868 by Cardinal Charles Lavigerie, Archbishop of Algiers and Carthage in North Africa, to evangelize the people of Africa. Cardinal Lavigerie adopted a white habit for the Society’s members...



The Missionaries of Africa follow the tradition of the ignatian spirituality. Right from the beginning of the Society’s history, the Founder, Cardinal Charles Lavigerie, chose Jesuit priests to initiate the first novices into the spirituality of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.



The Missionaries of Africa have a number of training centers for future priests and brothers in Africa, South America and Asia. In other areas, a period of initial training and follow-up may take place in one’s own country, where applicants (perhaps aged 21-30 years) are invited to “come and see” and experience for the first time what community life is all about.

To preach… to teach… to heal… to build.

That is what we have been doing since 1868, and with your help today, we are able to keep doing this; spreading the message of hope to our brothers and sisters in Africa who are the poorest of the poor. The Missionaries of Africa in the U.S. has been blest to have many regular contributors. For all those who have been supporters and for new supporters, we were wondering – actually praying, that you will join in our Friends of Hope Monthly Giving Plan.