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The Value of Community

I admit I did a bit of ‘window shopping’ before I joined the Missionaries of Africa in 1984. I read about other congregations and questioned people about their orders before choosing the Missionaries of Africa. One of the things that really attracted me to the Missionaries of Africa was their community life. In their community…

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Witnessing the Gospel: A Missionary Story

As a kid, I had heard stories about Damien and the lepers. Those stories didn’t prepare me for meeting my first leper on my second day as a missionary in Burkina Faso. It was a shock and it was a startling introduction to the missions. When I was young I thought being a missionary was…

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Missionary of Africa Priest Murdered

Fr. Michael Mawelera Samson of the Missionaries of Africa originally from Malawi was killed on June 10 near his assignment at the Mbeya Catholic Church Youth Centre in the Archdiocese of Mbeya, Tanzania. His body was recovered the next day. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unknown. Full story here.

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Pope Francis Praises Missionaries of Africa for Living with Gratitude and Hope

Pope Frances told participants in the general chapter of the Missionaries of Africa to continue to proclaim the Gospel with joy. The Pope addressed the missionaries as they were concluding the Society’s’ 29th General Charter in Rome. Learn More.

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Bishop Richard Baawobr, MAfr, Named a Cardinal

A member of the Missionaries of Africa Most Reverend Richard Baawobr, MAfr, Bishop of Wa in northwestern Ghana will be made a Cardinal at the August 27, 2022 consistory in Rome. Cardinal-elect Baawobr joined the Society of Missionaries of Africa in 1981 and was ordained a priest in 1987. In 2010 he was elected Superior…

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Superior General Reelected

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, the 29th General Chapter of the Society of Missionaries of Africa re-elected Father Stanley Lubungo as General Superior of the Society. Our sincere fraternal congratulations and thanks to Stan for accepting and continuing to serve the Society and the Church as Superior General for Africa and the African World. Father…

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Turning Trash Into Cash!

“Lets turn trash into cash!” -Nzambi Matee. A kenyan woman named Nzambi Matee is bringing positive change to Kenyan infrastructure by turning plastic waste into building products with her startup Gjenge Makers. Ms.Matee has expressed that she started the startup after simply being tired of seeing plastic littered on the streets everyday. She decided that…

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Malawian Man Brings Electricity to His Village

This is the story of Colrerd Nkosi, a young man from Malawi who single handedly brought electricity to his village for the first time, basically free-of-charge for the residents. Yobe Nkosi is a remote village located in northern Malawi where Mr. Nkosi grew up. Gift Mfune, a student told France 24 that in their village…

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Gabon Gains International Notoriety for its Commitment to Rainforest Protection

The Central African nation of Gabon has received $17 million for meeting established goals for forest conservation. The payment comes from an agreement with the Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI), which is a partnership between African and European nations to prevent deforestation. Based on the ten year agreement with CAFI, Gabon will be paid $150…

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