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Water is the essence of life. People depend on it to drink, cook, and bathe as well as water crops and care for animals. Yet, water is a scarce commodity in many parts of Africa, and the lack of water stops whole communities from surviving or thriving in many areas where the Missionaries of Africa serve.

Providing access to safe and reliable water is one of the priorities of the Missionaries of Africa. Thanks to supporters like you, we assist in building and maintaining all types of water systems from wells to rainwater storage systems. We are able to do this for whole communities as well as institutions, such as churches, schools, hospitals, refugees camps, etc.

Recent statistics from the United Nations on the living conditions throughout Africa report that one in three people on the continent does not have access to clean water to provide for their basic human needs. Besides, the lack of clean water disproportionately affects women, girls and vulnerable communities. To make matters worse, the situation is being worsened by prolonged conflicts, drought and the increasingly extreme weather patterns as a result of global warming.

In 2010, The United Nations proclaimed clean water and sanitation as a fundamental human right and included it in its Sustainable Development Goals. The Missionaries of Africa actively promote and believe in this life-giving mission. Having a reliable source of clear water improves life for whole communities. Access to water improves health and increases education levels. It enables people to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

Recent water projects supported by the U.S. Missionaries of Africa:

Rain Water Harvesting System

Clean Water & Hope for our Mission in Mali

A cistern water system for the community house in Kadiolo, Mali

St. Andrew’s Nursery and Primary School

Nyarushanje Catholic Parish
Rukungiri District in Uganda

Mary Mother of Grace House for elderly Sisters

Luweero, Uganda

Well Drilling

Community project

Oyo District, Nigeria